Well time is always limited to travel the world ( In case you have to work to earn the money you need for that) but my favourite destinations include:

Mecklenburg (ein paar Bilder)
die Pfalz
Sylt (alt) - my aunt and uncle live here


England, especially the Peak and the Lake Distrikt, Manchester, National Trust places
Scotland (some pictures and places to stay can be found here: )
Ireland (long time since I was last there - 1979 !!) but the people were very friendly and invited us quite often for a cup of tea)
Switzerland (well I work for a Swiss Company but even without that ...)

Eastern Prussia (northern part) / Nord-Ostpreußen New 2006
Vigo and Pozza di Fassa in Val di Fassa / Val de Fascia , Trentino, Italy (well startet to learn downhill-skiing there in february 1998, more about this area "under construction")
The Alsace / Elsaß
Denmark / Danmark / Dänemark

New Zealand
British Columbia
Madeira (the english version of this page seems to have disappeared)
(generaly speaking all places James Cook has been to !?)

more places and links will be added...

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