Well this page should give you some short personal impressions about that area where I started to learn downhill skiing (thanks to my now wife, who brought me there, and Bruno, my first ski teacher from " Scuola Italiana Sci " in Vigo di Fassa)

view on the Val di Fassa from Sass Pordoi:

Vigo Sci arena:

Somewhere in the area on a sunny day:

What else is there besides good snow:

After skiing down in Vigo just have some ice cream or a grappa di mirtillo outside Bar Bianco and enjoy the sun as it is slowly decending behind the mountains and in the evening have some fine meal.

some more links to the Val di Fassa:


Ladinisches Museum(link to german version)

well its nice there in summer too,, a bit crowded in august but worth gooing there if you like nice mountain walks, perfect views and yes icecream in Bar Bianco... We went there 2005

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