Since I was 11 years I am member of the "Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder" -VCP- " (Association of Christian Scout and Guides) and belong to the "Stamm Eldar" in Pfungstadt and since quite some years also to SAGGA in Britain.

Due to not so much time left when working my very active times in this area are gone at the moment. So my current activities are mostly limited to being Chairman of the local Fundraising Club "Freunde und Förderer des VCP Pfungstadt e.V" and some small other activities. Some of these included helping to organize the 1996 SAGGA summer camp or a trip to Kandersteg over new years eve or I helped to run the international centre at our associations 1998 national camp and the VCP national camp Jurtown 2002 (CultJure Club). At 100Pro in 2006 I had only time for a few days visit

2007 is the year to celebrate 100 years of scouting. So after 1975 (Nordjamb) as a participant and 1995 (The Netherlands) as a day visitor the Scouting 100 Jamboree "one world, one promise" near Chelmsford was my third World Jamboree, this time as staff in the Off-Site-Service-Team with SAGGA.

Some Scouting and Guiding sites on the WWW I can personally recomend:
The InterNETional Scouting Page (with lots of useful links)
Where to stay in Europe (campsites, houses; no longer exists)
Scout Net Deutschland

(some of these are in German)

The is history now as well

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